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100% Natural skin care.

Our Complex

Oregon State University meadowfoam field

Oregon State University meadowfoam field

Base Complex


All skin products at truEssential use a very special blend of natural oils to create a product that can beautify and, more importantly, heal your skin.   For our complex to be the most effective it had to achieve these key goals:


*   be similar to bodies natural sebum so it's absorbed deep into the skin

*   have the right ph balance

*   contain the proper ratio between oleic and linoleic acid

*   be stable without preservatives

*   have natural uv protection

*   be naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

*   contain bio available vitamins A,B,C,D and E

*   it has to keep moisture in the skin without any petrochemicals! no dimethicone!!!!

*   it has to be able to clean, balance oil production and tone the skin

*   it has to be 100% all natural and vegan friendly 

*  no water or cheap fillers could be used no alcohol no glycerin

*  it has to work to heal and soften skin

*  it has to be effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles naturally 

*  it must contain superior antioxidants 

*  must use unadulterated oils

*  must help hormonal balance with GLA (gamma linoleic acid)

*  be non comedogenic (not clog the pores) 

*  has to be affordable


A tall order for sure but that is exactly what the base complex of ALL truEssential products does.   Whether you buy a serum or a cream, have essential oils or a clean version, you have a superior product that will give your skin what it needs to be healthy and beautiful.   Stop using water based products full of synthetics, preservatives and fillers and try something fresh, natural and pure ,something tru.



Meadowfoam oil 

Double bonded long chain omega 3's give a high degree of oxidative stability.   It forms a semi permeable layer that keeps moisture in the skin while still allowing it to breath (non-comedogenic).   It's high levels of mono-unsaturation and very low levels of poly-unsaturation gives meadowfoam oil great binding capacities and helps other oils penetrate deeper into the skin without any phthalates.   It provides natural UV protection and  also contains potent anti-oxidants..  (this is our 1st ingredient its not cheap and its not water like most other products)



Jojoba isn't actually an oil, rather, it is a very stable wax ester.  It's main claim to fame is its long-chain ester that closely resembles our natural skin sebum.  It also contains myristic acid which is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.  This oil helps balance the skins natural oils (both overproduction and under).  


Evening primrose oil

This oil is unique because it is one of only a few botanicals that contains gamma linolenic acid (GLA).  GLA is an essential fatty acid in the omega 6 group that is used by our bodies to produce the vital prostaglandin e1 (pge1) which help inhibit or reduce inflammation, cholesterol synthesis, and formation of abnormal cells (including cancer cells).  Research has demonstrated that GLA can slow the growth of tumors and help improve the efficiency of certain anti-cancer drugs.  This oil is also widely used to relieve itchiness caused by many different skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.


Avocado oil

What avocado oil brings to the table is its rich content of vitamins.   This amazing oil is full of vitamins A,B,D and E that enable it to heal and soothe our skin.  It also contains a high concentration of hydrocarbons which is quite useful for dry skin and when combined with jojoba and meadowfoam it penetrates deeper into the skin than it would when used separately.


Red Grape seed oil (Merlot)

This light and easily absorbed oil is also quite therapeutic.   Merlot seed oil can help stimulate skin tissue regeneration in the body.  It's full of vitamins C,E and is a natural astringent so it helps tighten the skin. Grape seed oil also helps to minimize under eye circles and prevents pores from clogging.

Click the essential oil guide below to see a list of the essential oils used, their properties and what tru products contain therm.