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100% Natural skin care.


truBenefits is a unique blend of the world's most effective botanical for anti-aging and general skin health.  The introduction of Edelweiss, Shea Butter, Lavender and our base complex makes this product a potent anti-oxidant, anti-hyaluronidase, anti-collagenase and adds support to the vascular system.


Directions:  Apply conservative amount to face after cleansing with any of our truCleansers.  Can also be used as a spot treatment on other areas of the body.

Edelweiss is a key ingredient in truBenefits

Edelweiss is a key ingredient in truBenefits

This is a one of our edelweiss flowers

This is a one of our edelweiss flowers

Edelweiss (leontopodium alpinum) is the national flower of Switzerland and in German means "noble and white".  It's also a title of a famous song in the movie "The Sound of Music".  Historically, the flower was used as a badge of courage for hikers seeking to prove their love.  Edelweiss is known to grow in great heights on cliff sides and other steep dangerous elusive areas.  Bringing down a flower showed ones dedication.  A grand and noble plant indeed, but this is not the whole story.

It has been proven that unique compounds found in edelweiss can have amazing BENEFITS  for our skin.  Some of these compounds are beta sitosterol, bisabolane, chlorogenic acid, and luteolin.  This gives edelweiss extract the ability to absorb uv-radiation, prevent super oxides from forming, neutralize free radicals, strengthen walls of blood vessels, fight off bacteria, and reduce inflammation.  Quite an impressive plant that is perfect for a healthy anti-aging cream.

When we mix our base complex with edelweiss, lavender, shea butter and vanilla  it becomes a very powerful tool for aiding your skin.  This product has been designed for health & therapy not vanity.  However, healthy vibrant skin does look beautiful.  We don't cover skin issues with silicates like dimethicone.  Our goal is to heal from the inside out so you can have tru-ly healthy skin.